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PSV Driving Schools

You can enrol in a PSV licence course at a specialised driving school, schools are located all over the country. You can locate them by searching online or looking in the phone book.

To check if the school will offer you value for money, it is recommended that you conduct some thorough research into the school, the course it offers, its tutors, the exam success rate and read recommendations from other pupils.

Before enrolling in a PSV course, you should receive your provisional PSV licence and have successfully completed your medical examination. After enrolment, the will school offer you advice on studying for your theory test and arrange the test for you.

To train for your practical driving test, schools usually offer intensive practical tuition which takes place at the school over a period of five days. The school should provide you with the use of a vehicle and the teaching services of a qualified instructor.

The instructor will take you through how to manage difficult road situations, instruct you to perform various manoeuvres and teach you how to be an observant, confident and safe driver. The instructor should also introduce you to your vehicle and teach you how to make it road worthy by performing safety checks. You will also learn set exercises, such as reversing, parking and braking in various road situations. The aim over the course of this five-day training period is to build your confidence as a driver and to ensure that you can drive the vehicle safely in a variety of road conditions, therefore enjoying the safety of your passengers.

Generally, schools are good value for money and give a high standard of tuition. Driving schools provide an efficient way to gain your PSV licence quickly so you can begin looking for work as a PSV driver.

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